My Favorite Paintings!

As a first post on this blog I will share a few of my favorite paintings.   If you are interested in learning to paint and live in the Dayton area e-mail me at and I will put you on a list to hear about my classes.

Some of my favorite paintings:

The Cala Lilies were painted in Ireland where they grow profusely.  The background is a little abstract and it was planned this way.

I call this painting Magic.  It was created wet into wet and  the background was intuitively added as the paper dried. It is a difficult process in controlling the wetness of the paper  as paint is dropped around the white center. If you are not careful you lose the globe! 

My recent work is very realistic and I use both watercolor and pencil to create the fine detail of a botanical piece. 

I look forward to subscribers---  I will post some "how to" blogs for you!


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