Step By Step Orbs

These pictures are not is perfect order---

Use templates to arrange the shapes on the first step which is called the under painting. The under-painting in this Orb painting was created with 4 different mixtures of gray.

Saran Wrap adds texture. Anything you can place in the wet paint will give you a mark.
The third picture is the finished painting. See more on my web-site.

The fourth picture shows gauze embedded in the wet paint.   Let it dry before you remove.
The fifth picture show you what the gauze looks like once it is dry. Remember once you place the threads in the wet paint push it down and let it dry completely.
The 6th picture is a close up.
The 7th picture is the assortment of colors used in the painting. Most are various grays with some yellow ochre.

If you live in the area of Dayton Ohio I teach at the Miamisburg Art Gallery every other Thursday morning. 


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